Transactional SMS Service

Transactional SMS is used to send OTPs, informational messages, booking and order alerts to your registered customers. These are messages which are sent to your customer to pass on information necessary for using your product or service.

Send DND & NON-DND numbers with your company name as called Sender ID: Ex. KM-KUMUDY with 24/7 service.

Why use Transactional SMS?

Are you not sure why and when to use the transactional messages in your business?

Here are some cases when you shouldn't think of moving ahead without letting your customer know -

  1. Confirmation of transaction
  2. Status information of ordered products
  3. Delivery confirmation
  4. Online Order Receipts
  5. Sending Alerts
  6. Indutrial Notifications
  7. Automated Business Messages

Transactional SMS Features

  Multiple Routes for Delivery

Multiple routes with reputed providers help us to minimize our downtime and improve our SMS delivery.

  Secured HTTP API

You can use our secured HTTP API to integrate with your Website/ Application to send SMS to your customers.

Genuine Delivery Report

We are using multiple operators which provides the genuine delivery report.

Pricing Plan For Transactional SMS:-

Qty. Price /SMS Taxable Price GST (18%) Total Price Validity
10000 0.28 Rs.2800/- Rs.504/- Rs.3304/- Unlimited
25000 0.25 Rs.6250/- Rs.1125/- Rs.7375/- Unlimited
50000 0.22 Rs.11000/- Rs.1980/- Rs.12980/- Unlimited
100000 0.20 Rs.20000/- Rs.3600/- Rs.23600/- Unlimited
200000 0.19 Rs.38000/- Rs.6840/- Rs.44840/- Unlimited
500000 0.18 Rs.90000/- Rs.16200/- Rs.106200/- Unlimited

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