School ERP System For School, Colleges and Taekwando academy

Brief Introduction

School ERP System is a complete solution for a school handling regular management work. By going through the flow of application one can easily maintain its student detail, fees detail, fee collection, employee detail, scholarship details, payroll management, library management, hostel management and transportation management, events management with advance record search. This project also includes the management of reports of account section with administrative module to provide better security. User-friendly menus can easily generate all the reports. This project also provides the facility of database backup and recovery. Admin of this system can view the logs of the system that shows overall changes and entries in to the system with time and user type.

Using this Software you can do the following:-

  1. Easily manage your schools, colleges, universities, training institutes and taekwando academy.
  2. Maintain student details and employee details.
  3. Define your fee structure, manage fee collection.
  4. Manage your class timetable, examination, payroll and other expenses
  5. Manage library, student attendance and admissions.
  6. Customize your fee receipts / Exam results / Student ID cards / Admit cards
  7. Completely secure with user access rights.
  8. Manage your purchases and school inventory.
  9. Complete SMS / Email integration.

Why you should use School ERP System VER 2.0.1!

Very easy to use

Get started quickly. Very easy to setup and simple to use with professional user interface.

Unlimited help & support

Our main focus is on client/customer support. We are ready to help you all time.

No chance for crash the data

Atometic stored the daily backup data on server.

Software update

Autometically software updates with latest features. Free of cost.


School Fee Payment


Bus Fee Payment


Hostel Fee Payment


Boarding Fee Payment


School Fee Payment

School Fee payment is one of the core components in managing School fee like Tution Fee, Admission Fee etc.In this module it automatically calculates the pending fee and penalty if any applicable to the selected student based on fee structure assigned.

Bus/Transport Fee Payment

Bus Fee payment is also one of the core components for managing bus fee either monthly/yearly. In this module it automatically calculate the previous dues fee if the selected student having some previous bus fees.

Hostel Fee Payment

Hostel Fee payment is also one of the core components for managing hostel fee either monthly/yearly. In this module it automatically calculate the previous dues fee if the selected student having some previous dues.

Boarding Fee Payment

Boarding Fee payment is also one of the core components for managing boarding fee either monthly/yearly. In this module it automatically calculate the previous dues fee if the selected student having some previous dues.

Books Billing


School Uniform Billing


User Access Rights


Employee Payroll Management


Books Billing

In this section we will perform the billing for Books accessories. all the billing related to books accessories comes under this can also manage billing for other accessories from this section.

School Uniform Billing

In this section we will perform the billing for school uniform. all the billing related to uniform accessories comes under this can also manage billing for other accessories from this section..

User Access Rights

School ERP Solution is highly customizable for Access rights.Access Rights management software allows you to provide or restrict access to specific functionalities for various logins.Create as many logins as you want by creating user.

Employee Payroll Management

Payroll management module allows you to manage all the tasks related to payroll. You can create different salary structure for your teaching staff and non teaching staff at the time of employee/staff registration.You can also manage the advance payment details for staff.Employee ledger is also included in this module.



School Management


Student Management


Student Attendance



In this software you can also manage/create the examination with time table for different types of examinations. You can also generate the admit card correnponding to this examination(Class Wise/Class & Section Wise/For Individual Student/For all students) etc.

School Management

Manage your Schools/Colleges/Institutions/Taekwando academy using this software. In this software you can also manage multiple schools in a single school software with some details like School name, Address, Contact number, Email, website etc.

Student Management (Student Profile)

It capture all details of student such as name, academic details, contact information of the students/parents/guardians. you can also store information about student’s previous qualification/achievements.It also create a profile for each student with ledger.

Student Attendance

Attendance module enables a school to record and monitor student attendance and absence. You can make the attendace either Class wise or Section Wise to a selected teacher as per your school time table definition. It also enable the send SMS for absense student to rigistered parents mobile number.

Penalty/Fine Management


Purchase & Supplier


Inventory Management


Other Expense Management


Penalty/Fine Management

Penalty/Fine management module allows you to set fine for calculating fine for late fee payments as per your school rules.It helps you to calculate fine at the time of receiving fee from student.

Purchase & Supplier

Purchase module helps you for purchasing certain items/products with the supplier. This module allows you to select the items for which you want to place purchase order and also you can specify their quantities and purchase that you agreed with the supplier.

Inventory Management

Inventory module feature allows you to create your school’s inventory items with their attributes such as measuring units, purchase price etc.Create your own categories and categorize your items as per the same. Add Images of your products (items).

Other Expense Management

In this module you can manage other expenses.For example Room Rent, Tea, Breakfast, lunch, Electricity bill etc. This expenses also shows in the general ledger and day book and finally you can check it in closing and opening balance.

Library Management


Barcode Generation


SMS / Email integration


Report Section


Library Management

Library management module allows you to maintain records of reserved, issued and return books. You can configure books issue related rules such as maximum number of books can be issued to a member (student/teacher), per day fine for (student/teacher).

Books Barcode Generation

Using barcode generation you can generate the barcode either randomly or on the basis of Accession No. as per your quantity.

Complete SMS / Email integration

In our School ERP Solution, on each transaction SMS features are given. You can also send messages in types. For example: On any festive occasion, for school notice, on every alert using SMS Templetes.

Report Section

Reports are a strength of our product.
We already have 50+reports in this software that helps you analyze your data.
Our custom reporting Service is Chargeable.
Export the reports in PDF/DOC/EXCEL/RPT format and send the reports though Email.

It includes for

  1. Admission Form
  2. Registration Form
  3. Student Report Click here
  4. Student Identity Card


  5. Student Admit Card Click here
  6. School Leaving Certificate/Transfer Certificate Click here
  7. Character Certificate Click here
  8. Employee Excellence Certificate Click here
  9. Certificate of Participation Click here
  10. Certificate of Winner Click here

  11. Fee Receipt Format :


  12. Fees Dues Report:

    School Dues Report
    Bus Dues Report
    Hostel Dues Reporte
    Boarding Dues Report
    Uniform Dues Report
    Book(s) Dues Report

  13. Over All Dues Report Click here
  14. Employee Report Click here
  15. Expenditure Report
  16. Daily Income Report Click here
  17. Employee Salary Receipt Click here
  18. Marks Sheet Report Click here
  19. Demand Bill Format :

    Format-I (A4/2)
    Format-II (A4/3)

  20. Attendance Report Click here
  21. Employee Ledger Click here
  22. Student Ledger Click here
  23. General Ledger Click here
  24. Daybook Click here
  25. Trial Balance Click here
  26. Fee Ledger Format :

    Tution Fee Ledger
    School Fee Ledger
    Bus/Transport Fee Ledger
    Hostel Fee Ledger
    Book(s) Fee Ledger

  27. Leave Application Click here

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