Courier Management Software


Courier Management Software is easy to use software and is for those people/business person who deals in Courier Service. It not only helps in managing courier service but also Visa Service, Tickting Service of Airliance(Domestic & International) and Train.

Features of Courier Management Software:-

  • Configure Company Details
  • Department Entry
  • Designation Entry
  • Add Carrier
  • Location Entry
  • Session Entry
  • Passenger Registration
  • Customer Registration
  • Employee Entry
  • User Registration


  • Advance Payment Entry for Airlines + Visa Billing
  • AirlineBillings Billing
  • Visa Billing
  • Courier Details Entry
  • Courier Billing
  • Payment Entry for Courier


  • Employee Attendance
  • Employee Advance Payment
  • Employee Salary Paymen


  • Purchage Details
  • Expenditure Details

Records with Export to Excel:-

  • List of Passenger
  • List of Customer
  • List of Advance Payment Details
  • List of Airlines Billing
  • List of Registered Employee
  • List of Purchage Item(s) Details
  • List of Expense Item(s) Details
  • List of Employee Attendance
  • List of Employee Advance Payment
  • List of Employee Salary Payment
  • List of VISA Billing
  • List of Courier Billing
  • List of Payment Entry for Courier


  • Airlines [Domestic + International] Billing Report
  • Airlines [Domestic + International] Outstanding Report
  • Airlines [Domestic + International] GST Report
  • Visa Billing Report
  • Visa Outstanding Report
  • Visa GST Report
  • Courier GST Report
  • Customer Wise Courier Details Report

Other Features:

  • Logs maintain facility
  • Database Backup
  • Database Recovery
  • Change Password
  • Password Recovery
  • Support Both 32/64-Bit System

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