Download Supporting Files

Sr.No. File Name Download Download
1 Crystel Report For 32-Bit System Link-1 Link-2
2 Crystel Report For 64-Bit System Link-1 Link-2
3 Crystel Report- 2013 Link-1 Link-2
4 Dot Net Framework 3.5 Link-1 Link-2
5 Dot Net Framework 4.0 Link-1 Link-2
6 Dot Net Framework 4.7 Link-1 Link-2
7 ID Automation Code Link-1 Link-2
8 Microsoft SQL SERVER 2008 (For Windows 7,Windows XP with 32-Bit System) Link-1 Link-2
9 Microsoft SQL SERVER 2008 (For Windows 7,Windows XP with 64-Bit System ) Link-1 Link-2
10 Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express (For Windows 10 , Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1,) Link-1 Link-2
11 CutePDF Writer Download
12 Unicode Font Download

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